Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year: 2012 Recap

Happy New Year everyone and happy anniversary to my Husband (and me).  Nothing too big planned for tonight, Hubby and I are going out for an early dinner (hopefully missing the crowds) and then watching the fireworks over the harbor.  It's pretty awesome that we get fireworks for our anniversary and we have a great view from our lanai (so we don't need to go anywhere).  With the year ending I thought it would be nice to do a recap of my blogs.  I chose the 9 with the most views and my personal favorite.

10.  Lets start with my personal favorite Habanero Brownies.  This is my favorite brownie recipe with a couple of habaneros added.  The brownies themselves were great (as expected) and the habaneros added a mild heat, not nearly as hot as I was afraid it might be but very nice.

9.  Penne with Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Choi Sum.  This light dish was just a bunch of things I threw together to recover from Thanksgiving over eating.  It is a very good vegetarian pasta dish.

8.  Sezchuan Eggplant.  This sweet and spicy dish is another vegetarian meal that I have made multiple times with similar great results.

7.  Brats in a Blanket and Papaya Salad.  I loved this meal, it was so much fun to make and delicious to eat.  Brats wrapped with cheese and (optional) sauerkraut in a soft bun dough paired with a refreshing papaya salad.

6.  Pull Apart Pumpkin Bread.  This bread is like a pumpkin flavored cinnamon bun in loaf form.  It was delicious.

5.  Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Enough said.

4.  Coffee Chocolate Bark with Macadamia Nuts.  This is a super simple recipe that makes a great holiday gift.  Chocolate and coffee make a great combo.

3.  Thanksgiving for Two.  This was a 2 part blog all about my Thanksgiving recipes this year.  It consisted of turkey drummettes  in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry relish, sweet potato casserole and green beans.

2.  How to Make Kefir.  This tutorial is about how to make probiotic rich kefir and how simple it is.

1. *drum roll please* Sweedish Meatballs.  This Christmas dinner recipe got the most views, and it even got a few pins on pintrest.  My husband was so proud (since technically this is his recipe).  It is hard to beat tender meatballs in a creamy gravy.

Thank you for following along with me this year and I hope tohave more delicious recipes and tips for you next year.  My resolution is to try to get better lighting on my pictures so hopefully you will see better pictures next year.  Enjoy.

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