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Best of the Month November 2013


A review of my most popular blog posts from November.

Best of the Month November 2013:  A review of my most popular blog posts from November.

November was another great month.  I keep receiving more followers on all of my social media and it's fun to share my recipes with others.  I also love seeing other's recipes to inspire me to make new and/or different things.

My biggest brag this month is that I got 2 pictures on TasteSpotting.  Can you guess which 2?  I'm so proud of this I hope it means that my photos are getting better.  Unlike many great pictures on photo sites, I do not have much time for styling.  Styled photos with props look great but most of my recipes are things I make for dinner and I try to get a good photo before I eat it.  This makes good photography difficult but I try to take multiple snaps and I think my editing is getting better.  Hopefully we will see more of Joybee, What's for Dinner on the big name photo sites :)

A creamy, flavorful, and meatless soup made with black beans and spices.  Filling enough for an entree.  This was my most popular post of November and it was accepted to TasteSpotting.  This recipe received 359 views and 72 +1s.

A flavorful vegetarian curry made with cauliflower, chickpeas, and spices.  This was the second picture to be accepted to TasteSpotting (it's no coincidence that my top two were both accepted).  This recipe received 234 views and 64 +1s.

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Shredded beef, peppers and onion rolled in a pizza dough with cheese and baked until crisp.  This Post received 244 views and 64 +1s.

Breaded chicken in a tomato sauce smothered in Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.  This recipe received 234 views and 64 +1s.

A quick and simple snack idea using a packet of macaroni and cheese mix.  This post received 172 views and 23 +1s.

Thank you everyone who stops by my blog I appreciate all my viewers and have a happy new year.

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