Monday, September 2, 2013

10 Great Cookout Dishes


Many people have cookout parties for Labor Day.  If you need inspiration for a good dish to bring check out these ideas. 

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Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes:

This dish can be made ahead and left in the slow cooker to warm. I like bringing a dish like this to a cookout because I've gone to many with only hotdogs and it's nice to have another option.

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Vermicelli Salad:

This is a great idea for a lighter fare for your cookout.  Try mixing the rice noodles and veggies ahead of time then add fresh grilled chicken, beef, or pork.

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Pineapple salad:

Cool pineapple and mint with a kick of jalapeno.  This light and tropical salad is perfect of an end of the summer cookout.

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Green Bean Salad:

Another  light salad using a common summer vegetable of green beans, lightly blanched, with the added crunch of sliced almonds.  tossed in a sweet honey mustard vinaigrette.

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Spring Rolls:

It's practically a hand held salad.  Just remember to keep tightly covered so they do not dry out.  Also check my tutorial on How to Roll a Spring Roll.

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Macaroni and Cheese:

This is a must have for any gathering.  A favorite of adults and children alike. It's better to make too much than not enough.

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Baked Samosas:

This crunchy snack is filled with spiced potatoes and peas but you can really use just about anything (think lentils, beans, and even meats).  A great treat to tide you over until the grilling is finished.

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Bacon Wrapped Potato Wedges:

The name says it all.  I would suggest making these as directed, but if you are brave it might be fun to try and grill them (be careful).

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Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Make everyone happy at your cookout with these cookies.  Soft and chewy and oh so delicious.  Maybe bring some milk too.

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Peanut Butter Bars:

Sweet and chewy peanut butter goodness.  These are a favorite, much used recipe, in my family and I guarantee they will also be in yours.

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I hope you will try some of these recipes for your labor day cookout or any cookout or gathering.


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