Saturday, August 31, 2013

Best of the Month July 2013


A recap of my most popular blog posts of July 2013

Best of the Month July 2013:  a recap of my most popular blog posts of July 2013

This has been a good month for my blog.  I have made some cosmetic changes to by adding a picture header and a drop down menu bar to de-clutter my side bar.  I also finally got around to writing an 'about me' page.  It still needs work but I hope my readers will get a better sense of who I am. Last but not least I've started joining link parties to get my blog out there and to meet new people.  All of this has had good results and my blog has more views than ever.  I hope this continues.

In case you missed them, or are just curious here are my most viewed posts of July.

Light Wheat English Muffins
Light Wheat English Muffins:

Soft, flat buns full of nooks and crannies, English Muffins make a great breakfast or lunch sandwich even a great snack.

These were accepted to YeastSpotting.

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Mocha Graham Crackers
Mocha Graham Crackers:

The perfect sweet and crunchy, chocolaty snack.  With a kick of espresso.

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Mayonnaise-less Egg Salad Sandwich
Mayonnaise-less Egg Salad Sandwich:

An egg salad made with no mayonnaise.

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How to Roll a Spring Roll
How to Roll a Spring Roll:

A tutorial showing how to roll a spring roll (also called a fresh roll or summer roll).

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An Indian vegetable stew made with lentils and vegetables in a tamarind broth.  Served over rice.

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