Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Best of the Month June 2013


My most popular blog posts of  June 2013

Best of the Month June 2013:  My most popular blog posts of  June 2013

I have decided to start a best of the month post.  I will re-post my top five blogs from the previous month at the end of each month.  I hope that this not only reminds me of what I've been making but also reminds you my viewers.  I hope that it also shows everyone what they may have missed from last month.

1. Ciabatta (Sourdough)A crisp and chewy loaf of rustic bread made from a very wet dough.

This is my husbands favorite bread and it seems to be a viewer favorite too.  This blog post received the most views of the month (it was accepted to YeastSpotting).

2.  Candied Pecans:  These sweet and crunchy pecans make great salad toppers and snacks.

These are a staple in my kitchen now.  I can't have a salad without the addition of these delicious nuts.

3.  Bruschetta and Antipasto:  Diced tomatoes and basil to top thinly sliced ciabatta toast with a meat and cheese platter.  Great as an appetizer and filling enough for a meal.

This is one of my favorite meals.  I love having appetizers for dinner.  Anytime I make a good rustic bread like ciabatta I always want to make bruschetta and the meat and cheese make it a more filling meal (did I mention I love prosciutto too).
*This photo was actually accepted to TasteSpotting (my first and only so far)

4.  The Best Salad EverA green salad topped with blue cheese, chicken, strawberries, and candied pecans.

 I love this salad.  It is filling enough for a complete meal and full of so many great flavors.  This reminds me I need to make it again.

5.  Steak and Cheese Shooter's SandwichA crusty bread boule stuffed with steak and cheese then pressed.  A very hardy sandwich.

Many people are scared off by this sandwich because you leave it out at room temperature, under weight, for 6 hours.  It is well worth the time and effort.  For those worried about health safety you could try this sandwich using cured meats.

 My original plan was to use the top 5 posts of the month.  However this month had a very close runner up.

6.  Tropical Fruit Salad:   A fruit salad made with pineapple, mango, and banana tossed in coconut milk.

All I have to say about this recipe is I love mangoes and I love living in Hawaii.

 I hope that this post reminds everyone of the great recipes from last month.  Enjoy (I know I did).

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