Saturday, June 1, 2013

Steak and Cheese Shooter's Sandwich


A crusty bread boule stuffed with steak and cheese then pressed.  A very hardy sandwich.

I first saw this sandwich in a post on Google+ with a link to this instruction page.  I love bread and always have fresh home made bread on hand and thought this sandwich looked tasty.  The process is simple.  You hollow out a bread boule and add the meat and other fillings.  Then you close it up, wrap in parchment paper and press it with a heavy skillet or some other weights for 6 hours or overnight with no refrigeration.

Here in the USA the idea of leaving food, especially meat, out for long is frowned upon.  There is always the scare of getting sick from the food.  I was kind of weary, but my husband was game to try it so we made this in the morning and ate it after 6 hours.  It was delicious.  I can't wait to try this again soon.

If you think leaving meat out is a bad idea, this sandwich is not for you.  You may be able to press it and then refrigerate it but refrigeration tends to dry out bread.  Maybe after wrapping you could slip it into a large bag and then press it.  Putting crusty bread in a bag though makes it soft so you lose the great texture.  I don't know, do what you are comfortable with but I had to share this sandwich.


1 bread boule (crusty rustic bread is best).
Provolone cheese

Cut off the top of the bread boule and hollow out the boule by pulling out the insides (you can use the bread 'guts' for bread crumbs).

Then cook your steak or steaks (the amount depends of the size of your boule you want to fill it).

Place a layer of cheese in the bottom of your bread boule then lay the steaks on top.  Place another layer of cheese on top of the steak and then cover with the bread lid.  You can add mustard or horseradish sauce to the mix where ever you prefer (I would suggest not using mayonnaise or mayonnaise based sauces).  Or have mustard on the side when you eat the sandwich for dipping (that's what I did).

Wrap the closed boule in a couple of layers of parchment paper and tie it closed with twine (I used some old yarn, it's not touching the food).  Then lay a heavy skillet on top (maybe more weights too, I had a couple of 5 pound dumbbells I put on top too) and allow to press for 6 hours in a cool place.

Cut through the string and the paper and serve with mustard or horseradish.  An au jus would be great too.  Enjoy.

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