Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Best Salad Ever


A green salad topped with blue cheese, chicken, strawberries, and candied pecans.

The Best Salad Ever:  A green salad topped with blue cheese, chicken, strawberries, and candied pecans.

I know this is a very steep claim, but in my opinion this is the best salad ever.  My husband and I used to get a salad similar to this when ever we went to Whole Foods and we would immediately gobble it up.  When I found my self with both blue cheese and fresh strawberries in my refrigerator I had to recreate this amazing salad.  It has been quite a while since I have had the Whole Foods version of this salad but mine did not disappoint.  I would even say it was much better.  I highly recommend this salad.  It is flavorful and very filling.

The Best Salad Ever


lettuce or spinach
green onions, sliced
shredded cooked chicken (great use for leftover rotisserie chicken)
strawberries, sliced
blue cheese
candied pecans
balsamic vinaigrette

Toss the lettuce in the vinaigrette until well coated (I usually use 2-3 hand fulls of lettuce per person and the vinaigrette is 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar, I just eye ball it).

Place the dressed lettuce on a plate or shallow bowl and sprinkle on the green onions, as much as you like I use about 1/4 cup (you could use red onion slices too I just find green onions to be milder and still impart an onion flavor).

Next add the pecans, I use about a hand full but it's all  up to personal tastes, and some chicken (however much you like).

Lastly top with straw berries and blue cheese (about 1/4 cup of each).

You could just add all of the ingredients together and toss in the vinaigrette, this would save some time, but usually all the toppings fall to the bottom of the bowl making it difficult to get proper amounts of everything in each serving (I'm just picky so I will do it my's the right way after all).


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