Saturday, November 30, 2013

Best of the Month October 2013


A review of my most popular blog posts from October.

Best of the Month October 2013:  A review of my most popular blog posts from October.

I really enjoy looking back to see which posts were the most popular every month.  I don't like to check my stats daily because I feel like it's 'watching the pot that won't boil'.  Instead I like to review once a month and sometimes I'm surprised about what was popular or how popular something was.

I'm still trying to grow my social media presence and it seems to be working.  I am getting more views, more +1s, more likes and just a little more notice.  I enjoyed blogging before but it is so much more fun and exciting knowing that more people (other than just my family) are reading my blog.  I don't expect to get famous but I enjoy sharing my recipes and ideas and I hope to inspire others to cook more.

Beef roast slow cooked in broth and beer until tender then placed on a baguette and topped with melted cheese.  The cooking liquid can be used as a dipping sauce.  These sandwiches were delicious but I can't take all the credit for this recipe I found it on another blog Five Heart Home.  This post received 512 views and 21 +1s.

This is another recipe I found on another blog Utter Epicure.  These burger buns are so soft and delicious I had to share them.  These are soft, fluffy burger buns that don't fall apart or leak and they are the best I've ever made or had.  There is no more need to ever buy store bought burger buns again.  This post received 309 views and 52 +1s.

Finally a Joybee original recipe.  This is a spicy fried rice made from leftovers.  Main ingredients are cabbage, onion, bok choy, and carrot, plus eggs for protein.  Recipes like these are why I started blogging.  I love to use leftovers in new ways so I don't waste any food.  I love when others like these kinds of recipes too.  This post received 292 views and 20 +1s.

 Yay, another leftover recipe.  For these I was using up leftover Asian slaw.  They are crispy spring rolls filled with cabbage, daikon, and carrot, then baked instead of fried.  This post received 232 views and 52 +1s.

I love dip recipes.  This is a slightly beefy, very oniony, sour cream dip perfect for gameday snacking (or any day). Yum yum I need to make this again soon. This post received 190 views and 22 +1s.

Thanks to all my followers and those who stop by occasionally.  Enjoy.

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