Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best of the Month September 2013


A recap of my most popular blog posts of September

Best of the Month September 2013:  A recap of my most popular blog posts of September 2013

Happy Halloween everyone.  I added a couple of skull and crossbones to my best of the month picture to celebrate.

Anyway, I had another great month for my blog.  I'm still doing what I've been doing with a couple of additions.  I learned this month how to properly post on G+ so that all of my +1's show up (only have 1 link in your post).  I also started sharing my blog posts on a few different food blog/blogging communities.  Most notably G+ Share Tribe a community that encourages the sharing of others' posts thereby getting your own shared more.  I'm sharing more of others' work and meeting new people and making more friends.

The thing I am most proud of from this month's posts is that Foodista chose one of them for their blog of the day.  I'm so honored by this and many more people saw my cool.

Football season has started and this was one of my gameday snacks.  French toast strips wrapped in bacon and served with maple syrup for dipping. These can be made ahead of time and then baked when needed.  They make a great breakfast or snack for early morning kickoff (6AM here).  This post was chosen as Foodista's blog of the day on Oct. 14th.  This helped spread the word and got this post many more views than usual.  Bacon Wrapped French Toast  is my most viewed blog post from September with 537 views and 44 +1s (and still going up).  I'm so happy with this post, it may not be a lot of views for some people's standards, but for me this is hitting it big.

This is another gameday morning breakfast or snack.  When I think football and breakfast I have to have bacon.  This is a cinnamon bun recipe topped with a maple syrup, bacon and pecan glaze.  A bit time consuming but it can be made a head of time and then baked when needed (it takes a few hours to warm up before baking).  I don't know how to describe how delicious this was, sweet and salty, YUM. I found out yesterday that this was finally accepted to DesertStalking (it only took a month).  This post comes in second with 283 views and 50 +1s.

Slow Cooker Shredded Barbecue Chicken

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This is a very simple and delicious recipe with only 2 ingredients, cooked in a slow cooker.  Great for parties or a weeknight dinner.  It came in third with 249 views and 26 +1s.

This is just a simple tutorial on how to hard boil eggs.  I don't often hard boil eggs and usually have to look up how to do it, so I thought there might be others out there like me.  This post has 227 views and 5 +1s (this was from the beginning of the month before I began sharing on more communities).

This is another tutorial about how to turn plain ground pork into Mexican chorizo by adding some spices.  It is simple and tastes great and is much easier than trying to find a place that sells chorizo.  You could even try it with ground chicken for a less fatty version of chorizo.  This received 170 views and 51 +1s.

I'm learning new ways to promote my blog all the time and I hope to continue increasing my views. Thanks to everyone who follows my blog or stops by occasionally.  Your comments and interactions are much appreciated.  Enjoy.

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