Monday, June 17, 2013

Bacon Nachos

Crunchy tortilla chips spread with melted cheese, crisp bacon and spicy jalapenos.  A great dinner for two or a snack.

I have posted about nachos before but these deserved their own post.  Why?  Because these nachos are bacon nachos.  My husband just opened a new bag of chips and I had some bacon in the fridge and cheese so I suggested bacon nachos.  These are fabulous nachos.  They may not be very healthy but they are so good (it doesn't hurt to splurge every once in a while).  This was our late 'Father's Day' dinner (we don't have children but we have a turtle).


Tortilla chips
1/2 pack of bacon
2 cups shredded cheese
1/4 cup diced jalapenos

Cut the bacon into 1/2 inch pieces and fry until crisp then drain.

Assemble the nachos.   Place a layer of chips on a baking dish then top with 1/3 of the cheese, bacon, and jalapenos.  Continue layering chips, cheese, bacon, and jalapenos until you run out of toppings.

Bake the nachos at 200F for 20 minutes then broil for about 5 minutes until cheese is melted.

Serves 2 as a dinner, or more as a snack.  Enjoy.

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