Friday, November 8, 2013

Baked Breakfast Taquitos


Corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese then baked until crunchy.

Baked Breakfast Taquitos:  Corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese then baked until crunchy.

When I lived in Houston, TX is when I first had breakfast tacos.  There was a diner my husband and I would go to where you could get breakfast tacos with chorizo, breakfast sausage, or bacon and you could choose a variety of (soft) shells from whole wheat to corn.  Those tacos were great.  As much as I've tried to duplicate those breakfast tacos at home I still haven't been able to match them.  Mine are good, but it must be something about their grill that gave them their distinct taste.

I decided that one Saturday morning I wanted breakfast tacos to munch during college football.  As I've said before games start early here in Hawaii.  Since I have no interest in cooking at 6AM (I'm barely awake) I decided to turn these into taquitos.  As taquitos I prepared the 'tacos' the night before, refrigerated them, and then just popped them in the oven on Saturday morning.  Making these an easy and delicious gameday breakfast.


4-5 eggs
hot sauce, to taste
1/2 lb bacon
shredded cheese
corn tortillas

First, chop the raw bacon into 1/2 inch pieces (actually I cut it with kitchen shears) and fry the bacon bits until crispy.  Set aside on paper towels to drain.

Beat the eggs, hot sauce, and milk (add salt and pepper) in a medium sized bowl until well mixed.  Then scramble the eggs.  Set aside on a plate to cool.

Prepare the tortillas by lightly toasting them on both sides to make them more pliable.  I turn a small burner on my electric stove to medium-medium high then place the tortilla directly on the hot coil, turning with a fork.  You could also do this in a dry frying pan or skillet.  If you do not do this the tortillas will tear as soon as you try to roll them.

In the center of a tortilla, place some eggs.  Top the eggs with cheese and bacon then fold/roll two sides up and secure with a toothpick.  Place on a cookie sheet and continue until you have made as many as you want.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate over night.

In the morning preheat the oven to 425F and bake the taquitos for about 15 minutes until golden brown and crispy.

Serve with hot sauce and/or salsa.


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