Monday, September 30, 2013

Best of the Month August 2013


A recap of my most popular blog posts of August 2013.

Best of the Month August 2013:  A recap of my most popular blog posts of August 2013.

Wow.  Since joining and becoming active on google+ my blog views continue to increase.  I started using google+ in November of last year but I only posted quick links to my most recent blog post with no additional commentary and the small link picture.  I also only posted my own work.  Through the months as I've become more active on G+, and I've read every article I find about how to use it, I changed my style.

I had 6 months of little to no interactions and then I joined my first community, The Art of Bread.  Through this community I started making google friends and learned how to interact with people.  This also encouraged me to join more communities, these for food bloggers, where I learned how to get my blog noticed and make more friends in the blog world.  It became addictive, there is so much information and many helpful people I spent most of my spare time looking around.

I learned if you want your post to be seen and noticed do not use the link and tiny picture.  Put the site link in the text area with a bolded title a good few sentences (or more) of commentary about your post.  Also in order to make friends and get followers it is very important to comment on other's work and share it too.  I love doing this.  If I see a recipe/picture I really like I share it.  Generally the owner of the shared work will thank you and maybe even return the favor, or add you to their circles.  I believe that this interaction really helps people see your work.  You can have a really great blog post or picture, but if no one sees it what's the point.  Gradually, I gained more followers (205 have me in their circles) and more views on my blog.  So here is what everyone seemed to like in August.

I love chocolate cake and I I love adding coffee flavor to anything chocolate.  It was a no-brainer to make this for my birthday cake.  Dark chocolate cake with an espresso spiked chocolate frosting topped with chocolate chips.  I loved this cake an other's seemed to like it too.  It received many +1s, multiple comments on G+ as well as a share.

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A soft flat bread with the tang of sourdough.  These were great breads and after a day or two I baked them for a while at a low temperature to make pita chips.  These were accepted to YeastSpotting, I got a few comments on them in G+, and even a couple of comments on my blog.

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A light wheat bread with 30% whole wheat flour and 6% ground flax seeds.  A nutritious, soft, and sweet loaf.  I make this bread often.  It turns out soft and lightly sweet and has better nutritional value than plain white bread.  It makes great grilled cheese, toast, and even peanut butter and jelly.  This was accepted by YeastSpotting.

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A one dish meal of red kidney beans flavored with bacon and peppers served over rice.  I made a big pot of these while my husband was out of town.  I had enough for dinner for a whole week and I was not disappointed.  This picture was accepted to Tastespotting (my second so far).

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A green salad with sweet dried blueberries and salty feta cheese tossed in lemon oregano dressing.  For a simple salad, I was happily surprised that this was so popular.  It was very good, but I did not spend much time preparing it and only took pictures as an after thought.  This was reblogged many times on Tumbler.

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I am still learning the ins and outs of google+, I don't think I will ever be an expert, but it has helped increase my blog views and made blogging more fun.

Thanks to everyone who follows my blog or even just stops by occasionally.  All of your comments and interactions are much appreciated.  Enjoy.

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