Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Make Cold Brewed Tea


This simple tutorial, for how to make cold brewed tea, requires no boiling water and results in a smooth and tasty tea.

How to Make Cold Brewed Tea:  A simple tutorial for how to make cold brewed tea.  No boiling water required and results in a smooth and tasty tea.

I got the idea for this after trying Life After Empty Nest's:  Cold Brewed Iced Coffee.  I like having cold tea on hand in my refrigerator.  Usually it is green tea or jasmine green tea and I love it.  Regular brewed tea isn't difficult, but with green tea I find it difficult to get the water the right temperature and timing how long it brews so that it doesn't get bitter.  Some people don't mind the bitter but I do so this cold brew method is perfect for brewing tea so that it doesn't get bitter (it also works for coffee just use however much coffee grounds you like depending on your tastes).  You only need 3 items to make this loose leaf tea (bags would work too, then you don't need the french press to strain out the leaves) a french press and water.

First you need to measure out your tea leaves.  My french press is only 1 quart but I wanted to make 2 qts tea.  My usual ratio is 1 tsp tea leaves per cup of water.  So I put 8 tsp tea leaves in my press and filled with water (about 4 cups).  I plunge this a few times (press down on the strainer and pull back up) to mix the leaves around.  Or you could just stir it.  Then let sit out at room temperature for 24 hours.  The water will slowly change from clear to brownish/tea color.

After 24 hours push down on the plunger to strain out all of the tea leaves.  If you don't have a french press you can do this in any pitcher or bottle and strain through coffee filters, cheese cloth or a thin towel.

Pour the tea into a 2 qt pitcher and add enough water to fill.  You can sweeten to your taste or leave unsweetened.  I dissolve 1/4 cup sugar in some warm water to sweeten 2 quarts of tea.  Refrigerate and enjoy.

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