Monday, November 12, 2012

Smoked Top Round Roast


A delicious hickory smoked top round roast seasoned with common household spices. 

Smoked Top Round Roast:  A delicious hickory smoked top round roast seasoned with common household spices.

Today my husband brought home a top round roast (labeled as London Broil) that was on sale (for $6) and I had the pleasure of him making dinner. We have an electric smoker on our lanai. What better way to cook an inexpensive cut of meat than slow and low? Seasoned with a dry rub of steak seasoning mix and a few other spices, this roast was smoked for 6 hours while we watched football. Here is what he did.

Rub Ingredients:

Favorite spicy steak seasoning blend
Garlic powder
Dried minced onions
Fresh cracked pepper
Sea salt

There was no measuring, he just mixed the spices in a small bowl in decreasing amounts (steak seasoning was the biggest addition and salt the smallest) until the mixture smelled good. This is easy to modify to your own tastes.  Maybe try a 3:1:1:1:1/2 ratio to start or just use a prepared dry rub.

Rub the roast all over with spice mixture and place on the smoker and close lid.  Evey 30 minutes to 1 hour he 'sopped' it.  I'm not sure if this is even a real barbeque term, but that is what we call it.

Sop Ingredients:

Cider vinegar
Garlic powder

This is also not a precise recipe, anywhere from a 1:1 or 2:1 beer:vinegar ratio, and you can add any spices, or none at all.  We used Coors light  because that is what we had, but any domestic beer would be fine.  The beer doesn't add flavor so much as helps keep the meat moist, so you probably could just use water, or maybe a diluted beef broth.  This 'sop' was brushed on as often as my husband thought about it (about every hour).  If you have a spray bottle, you could also spray it on.

Once done, take off smoker and let meat rest, slice thin and serve with barbecue sauce for dipping and whatever sides you prefer.  This is about a 3 pound roast and we will probably make 3 dinners out of it (for 2 people).

Wow! This was delicious.  It was tender, with out being stringy, smokey, but not over powering, just super tasty.  Now I'm a North Carolina girl originally, so my favorite barbecue is pork and nothing else satisfies, but this hit the spot, definitely my favorite we have made so far.  I had to write about it so hopefully we will be able to reproduce this recipe again.  Enjoy.

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