Monday, May 9, 2011

Joybee's Baking Journal: Chocolate Orange Bread (variation of Portuguese Sweet Bread)

A friend of mine, after tasting the Portuguese sweet bread, suggested that I try a chocolate bread with the citrus flavor. How could I resist?

I made the same recipe for Portuguese sweet bread, but this time I used 14 oz barm(7 oz water, 7 oz flour), 6 TBSP cocoa powder and only orange and vanilla extract, then in the final 2 minutes of kneading I added 1 cup of chocolate chips.

The dough was stiff, tacky but not wet or sticky. As with the other recipe, this dough did not rise much if at all.


The bread is chocolate in color, with a tight crumb studded with chocolate chips. The loaves are small and dense with a soft crust. The chocolate flavor is mild, a little bitter (not too sweet), with a hint of orange. This bread is great by its self, or toasted with butter or cream cheese.

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